Game Day Queso Dip

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A smooth, creamy, silky, cheese dip that can be made spicy–or not–with just two ingredients – Salsa and Original Velveeta® cheese.


Muchacha Salsa: 1 Serving (1 ounce) 20 calories
Original Velveeta ®: 1 serving (1 ounce) 70 calories

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 6 mins microwave
Stove top 6-10 mins
Serving size: 2 1/4 cups

1 jar (16 oz) Muchacha Salsa, mild or medium. For extra spicy cheese dip, use our hot Muchacha Salsa by combining 12 oz of mild with 4 oz of hot (continue to add hot by teaspoon until you meet your desired spice level)
4 oz of Original Velveeta® cheese (cut into cubes to melt quicker)

Cooking utensils:
Removable small or medium sized crock pot
For stove top cooking small or medium nonstick pot

Combine your favorite Muchacha Salsa flavor with Original Velveeta® cheese in a crock pot or nonstick pot.
For microwave: Cook between 3-6 mins stirring at 3 min intervals. When salsa and cheese are completely blended, remove from microwave and place crock pot into its base on warm setting.
For stove top: Start with low heat and stir frequently. When salsa and cheese are completely blended, remove pot and slowly pour dip into your favorite serving bowl.
Serve warm with your favorite chips, crackers, bread or veggies.

Make game day your day with Muchacha Salsa!

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