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Naperville salsa-maker joins the George Lopez Foundation to promote awareness of kidney. disease

Muchacha Salsa and the George Lopez Foundation are featured in Reflejos, the largest and longest running bilingual publication in Chicagoland, to promote kidney disease and organ donation awareness. (read the full article)


If you were in a desperate competition, and your life, or that of a loved one, depended on inventing a new recipe with kidney beans within 10 minutes, could you do it? If your life didn’t depend on it, how motivated would you be?

The comedian and actor George Lopez was (metaphorically) asked to make that 10-minute kidney bean recipe. His life depended on it, and thousands of others not only depended on his journey to recovery but on what he would create after he recovered.

Read the full article here or in the March 6, 2016 issue of Reflejos, on newsstands now.