Do you salsa?

Experience Muchacha Salsa.  It is unique and bold from the inside out. Enjoy Muchacha Salsa with chips or add it to a favorite meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner to liven things up. Muchacha Salsa has three distinct flavors to satisfy your tastes:

MuchachaMildMuchacha Mild Salsa

Great choice for anyone who wants to leave the heat behind. Adults and kids love its gentle, sweet taste of chili pepper and tomato blended with savory, refreshing ingredients.



Muchacha Medium SalsaMuchacha Medium Salsa

With a savory taste, Muchacha Medium Salsa is an excellent choice for the person who enjoys smokey Habanero Chili flavor with delayed heat action that will gently kick up a few notches at the back of the mouth. Quite enjoyable!



MuchachaHotMuchacha Hot Salsa

Make no mistake, this salsa is HOT! It has a savory taste with high heat. It is made with Bhut Jolokia, a.k.a. Ghost Pepper, known as one of the world’s hottest peppers. Once you taste this salsa, you won’t forget the name Ghost Pepper!



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